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Salesmanship and customs clearance of imported fruit and vegetables in Belarus

Salesmanship and customs clearance of imported fruit and vegetables in Belarus KamgoriS Private Enterprise, with fifteen year trade experience and expertise of the Belarusian market in the sector of fruit and vegetables wholesaling and retailing, offers foreign producers and exporters its business assistance in entering the Belarusian fruit and vegetables market.

If you are interested in marketing development, results-oriented entry into the Belarusian market of fruit and vegetables, KamgoriS Company offers mutually beneficial cooperation schemes to achieve these targets.

We offer several forms of partnership according to your interests, the nature and seasonality of your products:

Cooperation with retailers that are most successful on the Belarusian market.

KamgoriS Company can act as a major partner and representative who will organize goods delivery, storage of the basic range of goods, logistics and mutual settlements with representatives of retailing chains.

Wholesaling and retailing via truck stores at major wholesaling and retailing markets in Belarus.
KamgoriS Private Enterprise acts as a goods receiver that is responsible for organizing sales in accordance with the prices and conditions of the Partner, considering the specific nature of market trade.

KamgoriS undertakes to create and perform all the necessary conditions for organizing successful sales of fruit and vegetables in Belarus.
1. Efficient and professional customs clearance of fruit and vegetables, including fulfillment, control and informing:
- cost of customs clearance of all types of fruit and vegetables (including the size of due and payable customs duty, levies, VAT and other charges);
- detailed information on the customs clearance in the Republic of Belarus: calculations of indicative prices and their seasonal fluctuation, possibilities of duty-free imports and duties payment preferences, etc.
- a check list of required documents for fruit and vegetables customs clearance consistent with the Customs legislation in Belarus, as well as samples of documents.

2. Contractual agreements and experience in cooperating with leading retailing chains in the Republic of Belarus.
- ProStore, Evroopt, Korona and others;
- delivery logistics, dealing with acceptance claims, flawed and non-standard goods, return of goods;
- inspection, certification, hygienic testing of fruit and vegetables;
- timely payment of products, claims and disputes settlement.

3. Long history of market trade in the Republic of Belarus.
- patterns of seasonal fluctuations of offer and demand on the market;
- details of trade legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
- assigned trading places at the major markets in Minsk and regions;
- experienced and helpful sales people;
- retail equipment.

KamgoriS clientage includes numerous businesses from Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Greece, Serbia and other countries.

If you are interested in successful cooperation, you can contact us at +375-29-675-56-78
We will be glad to provide you with further details, reference lists of our partners.

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